Total MoUs
3.2lakh crore
Total Expected
Total Employment

We are committed to providing a significantly better and more prosperous life to all the citizens of the State. For people of Rajasthan to realise their dream of a much better life for themselves and their children, it is essential that we create an entire ecosystem of opportunities.We have taken a slew of measures including upliftment of agriculture sector, investments in core infrastructure, labour policy reforms for growth of organised employment, and investment promotion to trigger livelihood opportunity creation.The efforts have borne fruit. The private sector has responded and reciprocated with enthusiasm. This publication is a synopsis of the MoUs signed with companies across sectors during ‘Resurgent Rajasthan’. We are committed to the successful fruition of each of these projects. The new era of Rajasthan’s development will be driven by partnerships. This is just the beginning...

MoUs at a Glance

SectorsNo. ofMoUsExpectedInvestmentCrore rupeesExpectedEmployment
Agriculture 10 2,402 5,317
Education 8 1,807 12,010
Energy 9 1,90,000  
Infrastructure 35 17,038 46,975
Roads & Highways 8 1,807 12,010
Manufacturing 40 11,760 56,698
Medical & Health 36 4,752 81,605
Petroleum & Mines 25 77,657 18,472
Petroleum & Mines 9    
Tourism 122 5,783 18,617

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